iPhone fit | Part 1 :: Getting fit with technology

I love technology. I consider my iPhone an essential part of my daily routine. Recently I heard an apple commercial talking about “if you want to find out how many calories are in your lunch…. there’s an app for that.” Well I did, so I downloaded it for free and it’s sparked a healthy revolution I never expected.


Lose It! »

Lose It! – This app is great, it’s Free! I’ve never paid any attention to the caloric content of food before. As a result, I have no idea how many calories I consume in a day, nor how many I should be. Enter Lose It!, I’ve been using this to track my eating habits and eventually know how roughly what I’m consuming and make smarter decisions. It’s fantastic, easy to use, easy to add what you eat and track your caloric intake. Lose It! makes it easy to set goals for weight loss and add exercise in any form to your daily log! (essentially allowing you to consume more calories*) This app has been the impetus to a lot of changes in my daily routine. Knowing is half the battle.

*sticking to the caloric recommendations regardless of exercise, then adding exercise, is the best way to loose weight. However, to just live better and loose some weight along the way, you can add exercise to allow you to eat more calories. It works too.

This app and added exercise got me working out on a regular basis. Which is saying something since I hadn’t done any intentional physical exercise in around 12 years. Now I’m going to the gym regularly: go figure.

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