Twin Draft Guard (as seen on TV)

Twin Draft Guard is the best thing for blocking drafts on frequently used doors during the winter. (twin draft guard link pardon the annoying video/audio link above. It’s their official site 🙁 )

When I saw this on TV, I wished I had take more time a year ago or so to formulate my concept for the best no hassle draft dodging device in the world. Perhaps I was too comfortable and lazy in my slanket (now rebranded/remarketed as Snuggie < link has more autoplay commercial non-sense).

This is by far the most useful thing I’ve bought in a while. After seeing the infomercial I though ‘well that wouldn’t be hard to make’ and it’s fairly simple. However I stumbled upon one in the impulse/walk-in bin at Bed Bath and Beyond for $10. I have 2 now, and they’re great. Even with sewing skills and a penchant for invention or replication it’s totally worth it. Easy to install and no kicking the rolled towel or formal draft weasel out of the way when guests come over.

One enhancement: I’ve found they have a tendency to slide out toward the latch side of the door. So I took a heavy duty sewing needle and linked the hinge side foam tubes to each other with 6lb. Maxima (heavy duty monofilament for building leaders) as shown below. It keeps the draft guard from sliding every time you close the door. Minor improvement on a otherwise fantasic invention.

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