Remembering My Uncle


A week ago, I lost my Uncle. He was an amazing person, who taught me many things over the years. He taught me the value of a good joke and the subtleties of humor. He taught me tons of amazing history: Most of which was true. Most importantly, he showed me what true strength is.

For the majority of my adult life he was fighting cancer (20 some years). True strength doesn’t come from training or practice. It is your Will to keep going, no matters the odds, no matter how tired you are, no matter the pain, no matter the obstacles. He fought through too many obstacles to count. Persevered through pain, procedure, and set backs again and again. He simply kept going.

That is the last and most important lesson I take from my dear Uncle Bobby. Be Relentless!

I will.

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Ten things I Love about Running

  1. The hardcore feeling you get when while running in the cold rain and snow.
  2. The ability to track your progress and evaluate your efforts with technology.
  3. Gear, gear, and more gear!
  4. Setting and beating goals.
  5. The clarity that after a long run.
  6. Watching the steam pour off you body as you stretch after a long run in the early morning cold.
  7. Cool spring evenings in farm country.
  8. Nature’s smells while out in the early morning or evening. Like being a kid again.
  9. Getting faster.
  10. How it motivates me.

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Never give up.

I ran as hard as I could. In fact, I hobbled past two people in the last two laps. I was 13th, and way off a PR, but I hit the goal I had set for myself. I absolutely never gave up in the race.

– Kara Goucher on her performance at the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea

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