I Miss my iPhone!

As a registered developer, I’m happy to preview the new OS, Indeed updates are welcome. However the, my bad, change in Beta 2 has left me stuck… I know that I just need to read more, setup some certs and be back in biz, but for the moment my phone is locked and I can’t do anything with it.

This is looking like a long night… While i sit, research, and try the next thing: I’m reminded of what life was like before my iPhone, or everything device conveniently located in my pocket.

Holly crap what did I do without it!

I’m on my laptop researching and downloading more software to get things back in order, it’s taking a while so I got to thinking: what’s the weather for tomorrow? Oh crap no iPhone. I should kill some time while waiting for this large file to download and ah…. Oh crap no iPhone. Wait I can just play Sudoku for a bit. Oh crap no iPhone. Maybe I’ll just check to see how the Flyers faired tonight (I know they won) Oh crap no iPhone., I realize how much I’ve come to depend on it in every way.

Then I think: What the hell did I do when I was waiting in line for the iPhone 3G (my first)?? Oh yeah I talked to people, wanted to know a bunch of stuff I couldn’t get to with my RAZR and send some picture messages to my Brother on his happy way to vacation. Life has changed in every way since then, I use this “phone” for everything.

Not that i’m socially stunted, or becoming so. But rather I’ve gotten used to having any and every bit of information available to me if needed. As with most game changing technology, it’s tough to go back. How did we do that before?

While the thought of rearranging my 80+ apps and making sure I have my pictures and music is a bit annoying: it’s nothing compared to coping with not having calendar alerts, phone numbers, my todo list, my grocery list, and just about everything else I need to know on the move.

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